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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (202) 2014-04-19

AECHMEA ‘Fia’ Deroose, R. <1990

cv. of fulgens v. discolor X chantinii - (See ''Black Prince', 'Filip Van Onsem', 'Fulgo-Chantinii' & 'Francis') - Grey-green discolored(?) leaves in a large upright rosette - upright inflorescence w/large red lax primary bracts and many branched combination bloom head - yellow ovary and red sepals - popular house plant in Europe - Apparently two forms in cultivation? One all green and the other w/discolored leaves? - Tropiflora said of the discolor form, "A spectacular bloomer w/a showy panicle of very long lasting orange-red berries and bright bracts - growth is upright in a graceful urn shape w/discolor foliage - green above and deep wine-red below". There is a variegated form in circulation.
Country of origin: Belgium

Seed Parent: fulgens v. discolor Pollen Parent: chantinii
Deroose 1990 (#A34) , CargoRpt#2-3; #4-1; #8-2, MB1998, BirdRock1995, GolinskiVideo1997