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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (14934) 2018-10-26

xVRIESLANDSIA ‘Ascending Glory’ Stamatis, George circa 2011

Mature very large rosette to 1.5 metres diameter x 80cm tall. Many arching, multi-layered, mid-green leaves. Erect, heavily branched inflorescence to 2 metres tall with mostly horizontal branches from the base of the scape to the top. Each elongated, pointed "paddle", up to 60cm. long, has pinkish maroon bracts and the whole inflorescence lasts many months. Grex sibling = x Vrieslandsia 'Cascading Glory'. Reg. Doc. 9/2018.
Country of origin: Queensland Australia

Seed Parent: Vriesea 'Robyn' Pollen Parent: Tillandsia australis