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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (15069) 2018-12-07

xVRIESGOUDAEA ‘Tropical Treasure’ Jacobsson, Kent / George Stamatis* 2008

Mature, open large rosette to 1 metre diameter x 40cm. high. Broad, glossy, arching, numerous emerald green leaves with slightly darker green mottling. May develop a short trunk. Erect, well branched spike up to 1 metre tall with both primary branches and secondary branches of golden yellow (or tinged orange), narrow, spear-shaped paddles and cream flowers. Raised by the registrant as a seedling from the breeder. Grex sibling = x Vriesgoudaea 'Scarlet Fountain' . Reg. Doc.11/2018 by George Stamatis.
Country of origin: N.S.W. Australia

Seed Parent: Vriesea lutheriana Pollen Parent: Goudaea ospinae var.ospinae