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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (9461) 2022-07-27

xSINCOREGELIA ‘Firecracker’ Hendrix, Gary. 1978

Mature,open rosette to 45cm. diameter. In strong light, narrowly-triangular, long, glossy dark red / scarlet leaves, each tapering to a point. Sunken, green-bracted, pincushion-like inflorescence with purple-edged white flowers. Was originally registered as x Neophytum Firecracker but in 2016 the seed parent was botanically reclassified as Sincoraea navioides. Reg. Doc. 1982. .
Country of origin: Louisiana USA

Seed Parent: Sincoraea navioides Pollen Parent: Neoregelia 'Fireball'
References: SUP-ICBH-1985, JBS 33:206, Shelldance1984, HerbHill1984, TF1981, MB1998,.