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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (14714) 2018-04-11

xSINCOREGELIA ‘Wide Wings’ Deleon N <1973

Mature, open rosette to 40cm. diameter. In strong light, bronze green spoke-like leaves, 23mm. wide at the base, tapering to a point. At blooming the foliage flattens out and inner leaves turn scarlet red, surrounding the sunken, pincushion-like inflorescence of white flowers. This cultivar was grown for years as x Neophytum 'Wide Wings' but was never registered. Broader-leaved and more compact than it's grex sibling x Sincoregelia 'Ralph Davis'. Reg. Doc. 4/2018 by G Lawn.
Country of origin: Florida USA

Seed Parent: Sincoraea navioides Pollen Parent: Neoregelia 'Meyendorffii'
BSI Journal, 33:2:74 (1983)