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<xQUESMEA (23)

Bromeliad Cultivar Register (11161) 2013-02-09

xQUESMEA ‘Jigsaw Puzzle’ Skotak C, Booth Tate K* <1993

Mature funnel-form rosette to 40cms. diameter x 50cms. tall in spike. Matte blackish rigid leaves, heavily-spined with faint silver crossbands. Upright inflorescence has orange-red primary bracts, yellow sepals and yellow floral bracts. Inflorescence extends its branches during blooming, which age to a burnished gold. Woody stolons 10cms. long. Reg. Doc. 4/2012 by Kerry Booth Tate.
Country of origin: Costa Rica

Seed Parent: Quesnelia edmundoi Pollen Parent: Aechmea Black
BSI Journal Jan-Feb. 2012, pp. 42-45.