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xPORTEMEA ‘Luis Ariza Julia’ L. Ariza 1972

Very large green rosette which flowers midway between the parents or maybe slightly favoring the Aechmea parent. (JBS 37:127 reference is error for xPortemea 'Luis Ariza-Julia')No original photo held. However a plant called Portea leptantha in CA in 1982 was suggested by Harry Luther to be a Bigeneric.In 2005 a plant being grown in NZ with the name 'Luis Ariza Julia' has flowered identically to the Californian one. Photo of the CA plant is used as identification of this cultivar.

Seed Parent: Portea leptantha Pollen Parent: Aechmea mulfordii
Registration Documents 1978, SUP-ICBH-1985, JBS 28:21ill; 33:75; 36:257; 37:127ill