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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (13834) 2016-12-29

xNEOPHYTUM ‘Burgundy Thrill’ Tropiflora Nursery / D Cathcart* 2008

Mature large open rosette to 1 metre diameter. Around 150 spoke-like, finely- spined, bronze green leaves centrally striped cream, each 2.5cm. wide x 60cm. long. In strong light, the foliage turns pinkish red. Reverse foliage is bronze green. At blooming, a recessed, pincushion nest and surrounding leaf bracts turn blood red. Tissue-cultured sport developed from x Neophytum 'Burgundy Hill' (Neoregelia 'Royal Burgundy' x Orthophytum navioides). Reg. Doc. 3/2013 by D Cathcart. .
Country of origin: Florida USA

BSI Journal 63(2), pp.136-7 (2013). Tropiflora code #5241.