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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (15954) 2020-03-04

xBILLMEA ‘Sara’ Sill, Ben 2010

Mature, upright, vase-shaped rosette to 35cm. diameter x 25cm. high. In strong light, scurfed, pink-spined green leaves patched bronze on the obverse. The foliage reverse is more solid pink / bronzed red leaves with muted silver cross-banding and fine white longitudinal lines. The erect, red-stemmed, slightly-branched compact inflorescence has rosy red sepals and cream petals tipped mauve. Reg. Doc. 2/2020.
Country of origin: South Carolina USA

Seed Parent: Billbergia Lois Special Pollen Parent: Aechmea recurvata var. ortgiesii