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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (8325) 2011-09-08

TILLANDSIA ‘Victoria’ Foster, M.B. 1943

Foster said, "In all its characters it resembles a king-sized ionantha showing none of the features of the paternal plant - 5-6" tall in bloom - all leaves turn lucious cerise pink crowned by its many purple 'candle' flowers in the center". - Named to honor Victoria Padilla - Also occurs as a natural hybrid in Mexico and Guatemala. It appears that several remakes have been made where the only differences seems to be in size which can vary between 13 to 30cm diam Ionantha Group

Seed Parent: ionantha Pollen Parent: brachycaulos
JBS 6:10ill; 10:64; 16:1ill; 21:55; 23:175,204ill; 37:103; 40:121, BromsPadilla 126, Baensch 196ill.
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