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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (8199) 2013-12-26

TILLANDSIA ‘Naundorff’ Paterson M* ?

In the ? 1960ís Olwen Ferris received seed from Dr Elizabeth Naundorff as T. fasciculata. This was sown and must have germinated because Heather Sullivan got one of the plants and in turn passed an offset to Margaret Paterson. Dr Elizabeth Naundorff collected widely in Ecuador but no collection of a T. fasciculata is reported in Gilmartin 1972 and therefore it is highly possible it was from her private collection. Grown in Australia under various names such as T. rodrigueziana, NR45 or T. fasciculata v. clavispica. There are possible links to the newly described T. inopinata but not sufficient to start changing labels. Because it has been grown from seed you would expect slight variations. Fasciculata Group
Country of origin: Qld, AUST