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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (8088) 2014-09-02

TILLANDSIA ‘Florida’ Luther, H.* <1978

fasciculata X balbisiana, or of polystachya - Luther proposed this provisional name for a probable natural hybrid of fasciculata and balbisiana. See discussion in the JBS article 28:179 - fertile and breeds true. Name superceded by Xsmalliana. T. florida is different to xfloridana not as stated in JBS 64(2): 106-8. 2014

Seed Parent: fasciculata Pollen Parent: balbisiana
JBS 28:179. 1978 Tillandsia X smalliana Luther, hyb. nov. Phytologia 57 (3) 1985 JBS 64(2): 106-8. 2014