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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (8030) 2010-11-07

TILLANDSIA ‘Chevalieri’ Marechal, Hort. Leod. 1935

Dutrie said, "A dense rosette of leaves, very broad at the base, short, rigid, attractively arched, dull green above, scaly on the underside. Flower stem 35 cm high, adorned with leaves and long, narrow, green bracts, brownish red on the sheath. Inflorescence a panicle of 6 or 7 spikes, with reddish distichous bracts".

Seed Parent: fasciculata Pollen Parent: leiboldiana ( foliosa?)
BSI-ICBH-1979, JBS 38:129, ChevalierCat1942, RevHort1935p514ill