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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (7979) --

TILLANDSIA ‘Anita’ n/a <1991

cv. of cyanea -Said by Corn. Bak in their catalogues to be lindenii x cyanea. Tropiflora said, "A newer cultivar of cyanea with a much wider and more rounded inflorescence - size to 16" tall and 18" across - the paddle color is a striking lavender instead of the usual light pink - red striated green leaves and a lovely lavender arrowhead shaped spike w/large purple cinnamon scented flowers". Also appears in other forms; 1) A trigonous form w/a three sided inflorescence - called 'Triflor' by Tropiflora and 2) An unnamed branched form w/multiple paddles.

Seed Parent: cyanea
DeLeonCat1994ill, BirdRock1995, JBS 41:9-12, CargoRpt#4-2; #5-2; #6-3; #7-6