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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (17482) 2023-05-11

TILLANDSIA ‘Spear and Sphere’ Takizawa, Hiroyuki 2014

Mature, open, rosette to 20cm. in diameter x 15cm. high. Strongly recurving, scurfed silvery grey leaves, to 3cm. wide and to 25cm. long, tapering to the point. Rosette grows downward. Pendant, branched inflorescence to 30cm long, with silvery grey scape bracts and frosted deep red floral bracts on multiple branches and white petals. T. grazielae is a saxicolous rare Brazilian species and grows downwards. This hybrid also grows downwards and shoots its inflorescence downwards. Cultivar name of 'Spear and Sphere' comes from its spherical shaped rosette and spear- like sharp spikes. Grex sibling = T. 'Deep Red'. Reg. Doc. 1/2023
Country of origin: Japan

Seed Parent: grazielae Pollen Parent: vernicosa