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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (17221) 2022-05-31

TILLANDSIA ‘Red Robin’ Lemieux, Ray 2017

Mature, bulbous-based, large, robust rosette to 6" (15cm.) X 6 " (15cm.. ) at its base In strong light,. recurving frosted red leaves which curl tightly , each 17 " ( 42cm.) long x 1.5" ( 4.5cm.) wide. A typical blooming plant in spike is 23" ( 58cm.) tall with an inflorescence 17"( 42cm.) tall with reddish-pink, 6 inch (15cm.) curly bracts and bearing at least 12 silvery-pink branches. Tropiflora Nursery owner Dennis Cathcart tells this cultivar's complicated breeding history. "Circa 2000 , Tropiflora employee Ray Lemieux .crossed several T. streptophylla clones originating in Belize. Selections of that cross were crossed with a red streptopylla clone from Florida breeder and wild collector Steve Correale. The best of those grex siblings with reddish coloration, were then crossed with T, 'Spivey Belize Red' '. Selections from that grex batch were crossed with another T streptophylla form called T.. 'Jim Irvin's Pink'. The best of that grex were crossed with yet another Tropiflora plant we call T. 'Silver Fuzzy' in 2017. The best, reddest seedling of that grex was selected to become T. 'Red Robin'. " Reg. Doc. 5/2022 by Dennis Cathcart.
Country of origin: Florida USA

Seed Parent: streptophylla Pollen Parent: streptophylla