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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (16955) 2021-10-21

TILLANDSIA ‘Semi-Albino Form’ ? / Hiroyuki Takizawa* circa 1998

Mature rosette to 20cm diameter x 25cm high. Highly scurfed, grey-green, channeled, recurving leaves which are polystichous (arranged in several rows), each to 25cm long. Erect, branched spike to 30cm long with white flowers. Floral bracts are green at the base and peach colored up tot the tips. This cultivar was discovered by the registrant in 1998 among the hundreds of wild collected T. lorentziana in a shipment ex Bolivia to U.S.A. then brought to Japan. Reg. Doc. 10/2021 by Hiroyuki Takizawa. .
Country of origin: Bolivia

Seed Parent: lorentziana (Bolivia-- wild collected) Pollen Parent: lorentziana (Bolivia-- wild collected )