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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (16656) 2021-02-27

TILLANDSIA ‘Look At Moi’ ? / Dr. Dale Dixon* circa 2000

Mature, caulescent (stem 12cm. long) rosette to 30cm. diameter. Polystichous, channeled, highly-scurfed grey to grey-green leaves 5-15cm. long, outspreading but with slightly spidery growth. Erect, simple spike 13cm. long with frosted green, ovoid inflorescence 6.5cm. long x 1.1cm. wide and distichous floral bracts. Bright yellow, highly-scented flowers at 18mm. diameter. Exported ex Burkhard Holm's nursery, Germany in 2010, under parentage to Australian grower Peter Tristram. Enquries with the exporter reveal the actual breeder is unknown. Reg. Doc. 2/2021 by Dr. Dale Dixon
Country of origin: Germany ?

Seed Parent: reichenbachii Pollen Parent: crocata