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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (16573)

TILLANDSIA ‘Hanauchu-Kunzo Nishihata’ Takizawa, Hiroyuki 2008

Mature, open, densely-leaved, graceful, large rosette to 50cm. diameter x 60cm. high in spike. Scurfed, arching, grey-green leaves, tapering to a point. Leaves have clear creamy-white variegation of variable pattern. The erect / leaning, well-branched inflorescence has about 15 creamy yellow pointed "paddles", each to 10cm. long with lavender flowers and with pinkish orange scape bracts toward the base. This beautiful vegetative sport (pup ) was born in Japan from a non-variegated Guatemalan type of T. xerographica. Named by the breeder to honour his good friend Kunzo Nishihata who owns a traditional plant nursery in Japan named Hanauchu ("hana" means "flower" and "uchu" means "the "universe"). Reg. Doc. 1/2021
Country of origin: Japan

Seed Parent: xerographica