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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (15389) 2019-04-07

TILLANDSIA ‘Oddball’ Tillandsia International / Geoff Lawn* < 1999

Mature, outspreading rosette to 30cm. diameter x 30cm. high. Arching, narrow, silvery grey/green semi-channeled leaves, highly scurfed on the reverse, tapering to a point. Erect, tightly-branched, inflorescence with scurfed, rosy red scape / floral bracts and tubular violet flowers. Nurseryman Frank Messina of Tillandsia International, who released it under calculated parentage about 2014, described it as an oddball which inexplicably he found in the nursery in a grouped batch of T. velutina, circa 1999 and it was subsequently propagated in numbers for 15 years. Reg. Doc. 3/2019 by Geoff Lawn.
Country of origin: California USA

Seed Parent: exserta ? Pollen Parent: velutina?