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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (15307) 2019-07-12

TILLANDSIA ‘Club Spike’ ? / Chris Larson* < 1995

Mature, open large rosette to 80cm. diameter x 50cm. high in spike. Narrow, arching, scurfed silvery grey leaves, tapering to a point. Erect, (to 50cm. high ) multi-branched inflorescence of up to 6 inflated "paddles" with initially amber orange basal bracts and burnished green upper bracts. At actual flowering (mauve petals) the paddles turn coral peach with puce upper bracts, then ageing to coral red. Fasciculata Group. Exported circa 1995 from either Bromeliifolia (Nursery) or Tucan Exports, both in Guatemala, to Collectors Corner, Melbourne, Australia. Reg. Doc.2/2019 by Chris Larson.
Country of origin: Guatemala

Seed Parent: fasciculata