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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (14773) 2018-05-10

TILLANDSIA ‘Apretado RFI’ ? / Delago, Frenchy* <1971

Mature, small, tight-leaved rosette, variable from 1cm. to 5cm tall x to 2cm. wide. In strong light, finely-scurfed, distinctly-triangular, wide-sheathed, olive green to salmon orange / pink leaves. At blooming, inner leaves turn bright pink / scarlet with exserted purple tubular flowers. About 1974 Paul Isley obtained a single offset of T. 'Apretado' from local fellow Los Angeles grower Frenchy Delago who named it. It's history prior to that date is unrecorded. In Spanish the word "apretado" means "tight". Renamed 'Apretado RFI' (= Rainforest Flora Inc) to differentiate from T. 'Apretado BRT' (= Bird Rock Tropicals). Ionantha Group. Reg. Doc. 5/2018 by G Lawn.
Country of origin: ? / California USA

Seed Parent: ionantha
References: Tillandsia (1975), p.64.P Isley; Tillandsia (1987), p.64.