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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (14557) 2018-02-10

TILLANDSIA ‘Neblina’ Pacharapong P 2011

Mature, fully-rounded rosette to 45cm. diameter x 50cm. high. Narrow, arching, scurfed, grey-green leaves tapering to a point. Upright branched inflorescence 25 cm. high, of up to 12 slender "paddles" with pinkish red lower bracts, becoming yellowish green upper bracts, plus lavender flowers. "Neblina" in Spanish means "mist", referring to the thick, almost white foliage trichomes. Reg. Doc. 2/2018 by Pachara Orchids.
Country of origin: Thailand

Seed Parent: El Ultimo Pollen Parent: streptophylla