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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (13919) 2017-02-17

TILLANDSIA ‘Purity’ ? / Margaret Butcher* ?

Origin unknown as to whether it was wild-collected, a seed mutation or a vegetative sport but agrees with the description of T. magnusiana in Smith & Downs Tillandsioideae Monograph (1977) except for colour of petals which are white. Barry Genn, Queensland comments that he bought his plant from Woolworth’s store in the 1990’s, possibly when Paradisia Nursery in Victoria first started bringing Tillandsias into Australia in quantity. The interesting thing is that all of the seedlings from selfing that plant, flowered with white petals. This is unusual with these sorts which have white petals instead of the ‘normal’ purple/blue which is usually 20% or less of the species population. Most of those grown in Australia seem to be linked to selection from mixed importations of the normal form from Guatemalan trade sources.Reg. Doc. 2/2017 By D Butcher.
Country of origin: South Australia