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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (13860) 2017-01-09

TILLANDSIA ‘Splitenz’ Genn, Barry / Gary May* circa 1990

The normal scorpioid dichotomous growth pattern of T. usneoides with distinct stems and leaves is depicted in the attached diagram illustration. An aberration is this mutation of "Spanish Moss" whereby the leaf tips continuously get caught in the leaf axils, forming loops. Originally from Brisbane grower Barry Genn "many years ago", this phenomenon continued after 10 years in the registrant's collection. It appears that the vegetative sport is stable, consistent and permanent. This rather green-leaved clone prefers more shade than the silvery grey clones which need strong light for best growth. Reg. Doc. 1/2017 by Gary May.
Country of origin: Queensland Australia

Reference: T. usneoides, dichotomous growth illustration: Garth, 1964, Fig. 3