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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (13342) 2016-03-03

TILLANDSIA ‘Copper Penny’ ? / Kashkin M* 1960s?

Mature, caulescent rosette to 25cm. diameter x 15cm. high. Spidery, grey-green scurfed, channeled leaves. Erect or arching inflorescence to 25cm. long of coppery orange flowers which are highly fragrant. This cultivar of T. crocata can grow larger, thicker leaves than the "normal" yellow-flowered form. In the 1970s this orange blooming form came to Rainforest Flora Inc., Los Angeles, from Mike Kashkin of Fuchsialand Nursery, Culver City, California. It is thought this form was probably wild-collected in the 1960s. See also T. 'Rutschmann's Orange'. Reg. Doc. 2/2016 by G. Lawn.
Country of origin: Brazil?

Seed Parent: crocata