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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (13234) 2017-05-20

TILLANDSIA ‘Pachara Snow Flake’ ? / Pacharapong P* 2009

Mature rosette to 20cm. diameter x 30cm. high. Scurfed, grey-green recurving / drooping leaves (each 25cm. long), twisted or coiled at the tips. Erect, pink-stemmed inflorescence to 26cm. long with green peduncle bracts 5cm. long. At least 5-6 side branches (each 15cm. long) with white, heavily trichome-laden floral bracts and mauve flowers. Possibly a natural colour morph variant of T. streptophylla , wild- collected by the late Gary Hammer in 2009 in Mexico (exact location unknown) . Reg. Doc. 12/2015 by Pachara Orchids, Thailand.
Country of origin: Mexico

Seed Parent: streptophylla ?