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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (13050) 2015-09-14

TILLANDSIA ‘Chooks’ ? / Butcher D* unknown

Mature rosette to 30-50cms. diameter, Scurfed, narrow, arching green leaves tapering to a point. Flowering to 30-40 cms. high, the compound erect inflorescence has short branches bent outwards, the floral bracts are red with scattered scales and the flowers are blue tubular with stamens exserted . "Chook" is an Australasian slang word, meaning "Chicken", in reference to the species name T. crista-gallii, the Latinised meaning of the term "cock's comb" as the species inflorescence is described in Mexico. Reg. Doc. 9/2015 by D Butcher.
Country of origin: Guatemala/ Australia