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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (12822) 2015-05-06

TILLANDSIA ‘Uruapan’ ? ?

Mature, open, outspreading rosette to 50 cms. diameter. Scurfed, grey-green, narrow, recurving thick leaves tapering to a point. At blooming, the foliage turns coral red with light amber / peach inner leaves. The recessed inflorescence has protruding long violet flowers,which also emerge from the leaf axils. There is some resemblance to T. 'Old Gold' and 'Marron'. Appears to be in the T. capitata / brachycaulos complex and possibly is a natural hybrid. Wild-collected by persons unknown in or near Uruapan, State of Michoacan, Mexico, year not recorded. Reg. Doc. 4/2015 by Kosit Kaewkangwal.
Country of origin: Michoacan, Mexico