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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (12814) 2016-09-23

TILLANDSIA ‘Fire Orange’ ? / Correale S* 1977

Mature open rosette to 60cms. diameter x 45cms. tall in spike. In strong light, arching scurfed, grey-green leaves are overlaid coppery bronze. Each leaf, to 40cms. long, is 2cms. wide at the base, tapering to a point. The erect stem, to 25cms. high holds orange / red scape bracts and a 4cms. wide cluster of violet flowers. Often the scape bracts show distinct bands of lighter orange. Florida grower Steve Corrreale wild-collected and named this T. capitata variant from State of Chiapas, Mexico. Capitata Group. Reg. Doc. 9/2014 by D Cathcart.
Country of origin: Mexico

Seed Parent: capitata Pollen Parent: ?
Tropiflora # 6211