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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (12806) 2015-07-05

TILLANDSIA ‘Majestic Rose’ Dimmitt M / Koide Hyatt P* 1991

Mature rosette 42 cms diameter x to 48 cms high with inflorescence. Pale green leaves are slightly stiff, recurving, covered with fine trichomes and are 4cms. wide at base , tapering to a point. Foliage turns dark rosy pink during flowering. Erect inflorescence is digitate with up to 6 branches, each 8-13 cms long. Rose pink "paddles" are flat, wider at base and tapering to a point. Floral bracts are nerved, shiny and lepidote at apex with astor-violet petals. Differs from T. Majestic with shorter spikes, lighter colored petals, rose colored paddles instead of the red colour in T. Majestic. Reg. Doc. 4/2015 by P Koide Hyatt.
Country of origin: Arizona USA

Seed Parent: chiapensis Pollen Parent: concolor
Bird Rock Tropicals ID # TX241, Dimmitt Cross # 1991-516-01. From the same seed grex which produced T. Majestic - BRT #TX242A.