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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (12284) 2016-10-20

TILLANDSIA ‘Mora’ Corn Bak BV 2005

Mature funnel-form rosette to 30cms. diameter. Soft, spineless mid-green, pliant arching leaves with red-purple anthocyanin spots (obverse) and red-purple anthocyanin stripes (reverse). Erect or leaning spike to 50cms. tall with pinkish mauve scape bracts and violet flowers, blooming over about 6 weeks period. This U.S.A- patented (from 2011--PP. 2011/0209233 A1) cultivar was produced from seed by repeated selfed selections of the species Tillandsia leiboldiana in Assendelft, Netherlands. The patented progeny are so phenotypically uniform that they can be grown true from seed. Reg. Doc. 7/2014 by G. Lawn.
Country of origin: Netherlands

Seed Parent: leiboldiana
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