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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (11909) 2013-12-26

TILLANDSIA ‘Brent’ Tillnuts* n/a

Flowering to 1 metre tall. Plant purchased by Brenton Cadd from Paradisia nursery in Melbourne and discussed at the Tillnuts get-together in April, 2010. It has links to T. rodrigueziana as with so many other imports made by this company from Guatemala. In 2012 when Bruce Dunstan flowered it again it was decided to give it a name because offsets meant it was being grown throughout Australia. The inflorescence on Bruce Dunstanís plant is clearly twice branched but whether this is caused by Bruceís feeding regime is unknown. We wait for other reports. This plant is not to be confused with Tillandsia ĎRoy Fordí which is yet another probable T. rodrigueziana hybrid. Reg Doc 12/2013 by D Butcher. Fasciculata Group
Country of origin: Australia