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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (11662) 2013-08-24

TILLANDSIA ‘Fantasy’ Cathcart D* 2008

Rosette shape rather classic T. balbisiana including size. The leaves are nevertheless semi-terete and have the striping of T. pseudobaileyi. The inflorescence is like balbisiana in shape and size but has the colour of pseudobaileyi. Width of outstretched leaves each 47cms.long x 4cms wide at the base where they meet the plant body, not the sheath portion. Leaves are deeply channeled and become almost terete. The overall plant height in bloom is 73cms. The erect inflorescence is 58cms long and the cluster of branches 5cms. wide, longest branch 15cms, 3 in total, each 1cm. wide. Flowers are dark bluish-purple. This accidental hybrid was discovered in a shipment of T. balbisiana seedlings ex Franz Gruber's collection in Colombia to Tropiflora Nursery, Florida in 2010. Reg. Doc. 8/2013 by D. Cathcart. .
Country of origin: Colombia

Seed Parent: balbisiana ? Pollen Parent: pseudobaileyi ?
Tropiflora code #8526