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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (11601) 2015-10-18

TILLANDSIA ‘Moonlight’ unknown, Butcher M* ?

Tillandsia ‘Moonlight’ by Derek Butcher July 2013 This plant is widely available around the world and has featured online in Planet Tillandsia as Tillandsia tricolor hybrid. Hybridist is unknown and parents unknown and it is difficult to see how it got this unofficial name. But it is in commercial cultivation and needs a more definitive name. A better guess may have been T. schiedeana hybrid because in many hybrids with this as a parent you get bi-coloured petals – white at the top and purplish at the bottom. The problem was brought to our notice by Chris Larson of Melbourne and Margaret Butcher of Adelaide thought that ‘Moonlight’ was an apt name because of the pale part of the petals and I felt it was apt because of its dodgy origins! When in flower the plant is about 26cms high including the inflorescence. Reg Doc 7/2013 by Derek Butcher
Country of origin: Australia/World

Seed Parent: ? Pollen Parent: ?