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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (10720) 2013-12-26

TILLANDSIA ‘MaggieG’ Paroz P 2003

The cross was made in September of 2003 and the seed was harvested in the following spring. Comparison of the hybrid with the parents indicates that it is essentially a minature fasciculata in appearance. The size of concolor is very dominant as is the purplish blush in the leaves at flowering; but other features are essentially those of the pollen parent resulting in a cultivar about 28 cms. tall x 29-32 cms. diameter at maturity. Some of the plants which have not flowered are larger than the one photographed. It is not apparent at this time whether this is a genetic or cultural variation. Reg Doc11/2011 by Peter Paroz Fasciculata Group
Country of origin: Qld, Australia

Seed Parent: concolor Pollen Parent: fasciculata