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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (7899) 2010-05-14

NIDULARIUM ‘Madame Robert Morobe’ Morobe, R. 1940

(See 'Digeneum', 'Francois Spae' & 'Chantrieri') - Dutrie said, "..frankly superior to 'Chantrieri'..numerous leaves, strong but without stiffness, well displayed...a beautiful bright brown color above - lustrous dark brown bloom time, the center becomes scarlet over a diameter of 25 cm. Notable in every respect". Jungle Gardens said, "A vigorous plant with the underside of the green leaves a beautiful purplish maroon - In flower the central rosette is a long lasting bright cerise".

Seed Parent: innocentii Pollen Parent: fulgens
Registration Documents 1966, JBS 4:51,55; 14:14; 38:21, Zimmerpflanzen:Br.279, JG1973