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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (10956) 2012-02-10

NIDULARIUM ‘Watermelon’ Butcher M* 1998

Nidularium ‘Watermelon’ by D Butcher 1/2012 In 1998 Antonio Miranda from Brasilia sent us a few seeds he had collected in the wild and which he thought were Nidularium fulgens. We got a few to germinate and in 2008 one flowered that was especially interesting because as Margaret said the primary bract colour reminded her of the inside of a watermelon. When you only grow from offset you get a biased view as to the colour expected. It is only when you grow from seed do you get a chance to see what nature can produce. If the seed was collected in someone’s collection you can expect hybridisation to provide variability. Here it seemed to be a true species and within the colour range of red or sometimes orange or pink as advised by Elton Leme. Offsets have been slowly spread around and now seemed to be the time to register the name. The plant is generally about 40cms. in diameter. Reg Doc 1/2012
Country of origin: SA Australia

Seed Parent: fulgens