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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (3983)

NEOREGELIA ‘Don Wendland’ ? / Bill Seaborn* <1977

cv. of unknown parentage - Don Woods says, "A large plant that likes a large pot. In bright light the leaves turn almost black with spots like those of Neoregelia chlorosticta but deep green. With its rather leathery round tipped leaves, this plant retains its handsome good looks for 12 to 15 months after flowering" - Named for an Orange County, California grower. In Feb 2012 Vic Przetocki of Western Australia pointed out that the photo we had of ‘Don Wendland’ from Queensland did not match the description. Nobody in California has advised what ‘Don Wendland’ looked like. Such are the problems of a Registrar when the hybridist does not do the actual registration nor quote parentage. There was at least a space of 14 years before one plant with this name got to Western Australia and was described in the Journal. How did a plant also called ‘Don Wendland’ get to the Eastern coast of Australia? Was it a naming error? We will never know and the only solution is to show both photos in the Register.

SDDN1979, JBS 41:69, TF1980