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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (3168) 2022-03-25

NEOREGELIA ‘Binott’ ? before 1970

Mature , open rosette to 50cm. diameter. In strong light, wide, leathery bronze green leaves with darker reddish brown spotting, dark pink "fingernails" and tiny.spaced black spines. Recessed, compound inflorescence has pale pink ovaries and white flowers. Grown in Australia as N. "binotti hybrid" since before 1970 but bears no relationship to species N. binotti, , appearing to have N. spectabilis in its makeup. This entry originally registered (11/2001) by Derek Butcher as N. 'Binotti Hybrid' but renamed as N. 'Binott' 3/2022 by Geoff Lawn. .
Country of origin: Australia

Seed Parent: spectabilis ? Pollen Parent: ?