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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (16639)

NEOREGELIA ‘Queen Kapiolani’ ? circa 1980s

Mature, open, compact rosette to 40cm. diameter. In strong light, broad, glossy bronze green to burnished red leaves with rounded tips and a crimson nest at blooming.. Named after Queen Kapi' Olani, (1834-1899), queen and consort of King Kalakaura, who reigned in 1884-1891 in the Kingdom of Hawaii. Exact origin of this cultivar is unknown but thought by Hawaiian breeder Sharon Petersen to have been imported into Hawaii from mainland USA by fellow Hawaiian grower Bob Okasaki in the 1980s. Breeder and parentage are unknown. Reg. Doc. 1/2021 by Geoff Lawn
Country of origin: USA

Seed Parent: ? Pollen Parent: ?