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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (15614) 2019-09-30

NEOREGELIA ‘Igor’ Skotak, Chester 2010

Mature, open rosette to 50cm. diameter. Leaf width 5cm. Atypical whereby in strong light young offsets start green with faint lighter green spots. Nearer maturity the arching leaves turn red with white spots, later with yellow / green mottling also, plus occasional white crossbanding. The foliage becomes a recurving, tight, almost ball-shaped rosette. No central cup flush at blooming. The cultivar's parentage is a highly complex allocation of alphabetical / numerical codes only, assigned to various seed and pollen crosses in its breeding, not defined as species names nor cultivar names. Reg. Doc. 7/2019 by Eloise Beach.
Country of origin: Costa Rica