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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (14705) 2018-04-06

NEOREGELIA ‘Patthamarot Sunset’ Chantaravipak, Alongkorn & W. Thanaphon 2014

Mature, large, open rosette to 75cm. diameter. Selfing from N. 'Groves Grace' which in strong light produced this bronzed green foliage marginated pink. Leaf stripes are more pronounced in young pups. This hybrid was named in honour of the provincial school, Ang Thong Patthamarot Witthayakhom in Ang Thong Province in Thailand, which was built 131 years ago. Tricolor Group. Reg. Doc. 4/2018 by Alongkorn Chantaravipak.
Country of origin: Thailand

Seed Parent: Groves Grace Pollen Parent: Groves Grace