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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (13037) 2015-09-13

NEOREGELIA ‘Jaws Tiger’ Rungrussamee, Pallop 2010

Mature open rosette to 30cms. diameter x 30cms. high. Bronze green leaves striated cream with red punctated cross-banding. Tricolor Group. Grex siblings = N. 'Snow Blood', 'Adrenaline', 'Pallada Yummy', 'Red Buff', 'Scottish Fold', 'Pallada Delicious'. Reg. Doc. 9/2015 by Phatsawut Rungrussammee.
Country of origin: Thailand

Seed Parent: ((carolinae var. x Hannibal Lecter) x Norman Bates)) x Moon Over Fort Dix) Pollen Parent: Norman Bates