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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (12705)

NEOREGELIA ‘King Simba’ Esterhuysen J. / Barclay G.* 2010

Mature rosette to 50cms. diameter. Lime-green / yellowish leaves to 15cms. wide, with prominent burgundy fingernails and some central red spotting. Heavy, dark spined margins with light scurfing both sides of leaves. Maintains a chunky, upright form. Seed grown in New Zealand from cross made in South Africa. Named after main character in the animated movie 'The Lion King', in honour of its African origin. Grex siblings = 'Lion King', 'Mufasa', 'Scar'.. Reg. Doc. 2/2015 by Graeme Barclay
Country of origin: South Africa

Seed Parent: Bobbie Hull Pollen Parent: Silver