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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (15930) 2020-02-18

HOHENBERGIA ‘Berry Nice’ Cameron, Michelle / Graeme Barclay* 2013

Mature upright, bulbous-based rosette 40cm diameter x 50cm high. In strong light, boysenberry / burgundy leaves both sides with silver-scurfing and faint silver cross-banding, much moreso on lower surface with black spines 3-7mm long. Inflorescence to 50cm high with heavily scurfed red stem, white woolly berry clusters and violet- petalled flowers. Seed supplied by Mal & Michelle Cameron in Brisbane, Queensland. Nine seeds were sown and raised by the registrant in New Zealand and all seedlings had some variation and scurfed leaves, compared to the H lemei seed parent. Reg. Doc. 2/2020 by Graeme Barclay.
Country of origin: Qld. / New Zealand

Seed Parent: lemei Pollen Parent: leopoldo-horstii