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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (13131) 2015-11-13

HOHENBERGIA ‘Hohum de Rio’ ? / Hall C* 2006

Mature, upright, vase-shaped rosette to 1 metre tall x 50cm. diameter. Lower leaves tend to droop. In strong light, bronze green to dark chocolate foliage, lightly-spined with muted, speckled silver cross-banding. Erect or arching, branched spike to 1-1/2 metres long with pinkish white woolly stem, scurfed green clustered "cones" with tawny brown flowers. Compound lower branches are each to 30cms. long, tapering to the apex. As the inflorescence ages the stem indument is largely shed, turning dark pink / red and the ovaries become golden brown. Seed was imported in 2006 by Chris Hall of Equatorial Exotics nursery, Cairns, Queensland as Aechmea seed ex Bruno Resende Silva at Rio de Janeiro Botanical Gardens. Five grex siblings resulted but at flowering it became obvious that they were all Hohenbergias, albeit similar clones. Some plants acquired the name H. undulatifolia or H. "undulatifolia hybrid", both of which seem inaccurate. H. correia-araujoi appears dominant in the foliage markings and growth habit, less so in the inflorescence. Reg. Doc. 10/2015 by M Giddins.
Country of origin: Brazil / Queensland

Seed Parent: ? Pollen Parent: ?