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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (12742) 2015-03-02

HOHENBERGIA ‘Palisade’ ? / O\'Brien M* 1993

Mature funnel-form, upright rosette to 60cms. diameter x 70cms. high. Bronze green, leathery, black-spined leaves tinged purple at the leaf bases and tips. Foliage can turn coppery orange / red in full sunlight Erect, pink, woolly-stemmed, branched inflorescence, to 1.6 metres tall, of green floral bracts and lilac petals which turn carmine, then black when spent. Reputedly from a seed batch of Hohenbergia lanata from Elton Leme (Brazil) in 1993, raised by the Olive Branch Nursery (Brisbane). Possibly from the same grex as Hohenbergia 'Razor', Hohenbergia 'Golden Olive' and Aechmea 'Whyanbeel'. Reg. Doc. 2/2015 by Aaron Smythe.
Country of origin: Brazil

Seed Parent: lanata ? Pollen Parent: ?