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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (16666) 2021-04-27

HECHTIA ‘Italian Dream’ ? / Luigi Santagata* circa 2011

Mature open large rosette to 60 cm. diameter. Stiff, leathery, glossy, curving light to mid-green leaves,each 10cm. wide at the base, tapering to a sharp point. Prominent retrorse sharp spines, each surrounded by a red spot. Foliage markings are more pronounced in cold Winter full sunlight, but greener in Summer. Each plant does not have stolons but clumps with many pups.This cultivar is represented by a number of very similar clones of which as at April, 2021 their sexes are unknown as none have flowered. A birds-n-bees accidental garden hybrid. raised by the registrant. Reg. Doc. 3/2021 by Luigi Santagata.
Country of origin: Italy

Seed Parent: sphaeroblasta Pollen Parent: podantha