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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (15981) 2020-03-10

HECHTIA ‘Lugeluch’ Santagata, Luigi circa 2015

Mature rosette to 40cm. diameter Outspreading, wide, glossy green leaves at the axils, tapering to a sharp point. Hooked, relatively small red spines, each with small white hairs at the base and with red leaf margins in Winter. New central growth unfolds upwards and spirals. Summer foliage turns burnished vermillion. The foliage reverse is frosted silvery white. Conjested vigorous clumps form and pups emerge from the base. This hybrid was obtained from a lateral flowering species and a central flowering species. Reg. Doc. 3/2020
Country of origin: Italy

Seed Parent: texensis Pollen Parent: huamelulaensis